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Happy birthday to our dearest Hoonie Bunny ♥
My dear, please stay awesome & keep being amazing forever and welcome to U-KissMe family, where you will receive lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

 August 15, 1991
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Hello, I’m Tacti and in training to be a mod. A better fan than me lovely Descendant pointed out that the dates on some of the members’ birthdays weren’t official.

I just wanted to point out that I’ve fixed the profile so that it only displays the official years.


♥ Tacti

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Name: ナイトメア (Naitomea/Nightmare)

Genre: Visual kei, Jrock

Label: Speed-disk/XXX RECORDS (2001–2003), Nippon Crown (2003–2006), VAP (2006–2011), Avex Entertainment (2011–present)

Name: Yomi (Jun Chiba)
Position: Vocals
Birthday: July 14

Name: Sakito (Takahiro Sakaguchi)
Position: Guitar
Birthday: June 29
Name: Hitsugi (Ikari Mitsuo)
Position: Rythm Guitar
Birthday: March 5
Name: Ni~Ya (Yuji Baba)
Position: Bass
Birthday: June 23
Name: Ruka (Satoru Karino)
Position: Drums
Birthday: June 9

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